I curiously peered at the girl who held your hand
She was older, thinner, prettier
She had charm and grace
And I was just the little girl next door

I remember walking home with you
My shirt was tight on my chest
I wanted you to notice
That I would one day soon have breasts

I stood there on the road’s edge that day
He told me you’d done the deed
My reaction was peculiar
I felt like I’d somehow been left out

Another time you mentioned your attraction to another
I scoffed at your remark
I called that girl a ditz
What’s there to even like about her?

I was fifteen and at a dance with friends
Saw you come walking in
With that dark-eyed brunette
Your eyes met mine, then I walked far away

After that, you brought another one around
She was blonde and beautiful
I took a liking to her
But some deep part of me wished that I was her

Soon I realized being me was good enough
You kissed me in the water
How did I not realize
That world had been there all along

My whole world has changed ever since
I’m torn up inside
You still aren’t mine
That dark-eyed brunette just won’t quit

Your eyes met mine, then I walked far away
Again and again and again
What is this all about?
You’re supposed to be dancing with me


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