I was always there for her and we sure had some good times
Since the ripe, young age of sixteen
Guess I would have believed anything
But she somehow slipped by after all this time
How long it took me to realize
She’s nothing but a stupid, psycho girl

She’s a sneaky little thing, got in with some of my best friends
At first, I thought that it was fine
Who am I to say what’s yours is mine?
But lie after lie, I was deceived
How much more foolish could I be
Always looking for that better side

Psycho girl, watch out for her she’s no good
Psycho girl, oh no, she ain’t misunderstood
Psycho girl, she’ll sell you at the drop of a dime
Oh you conniving, nasty girl
Fuck you, you ain’t no friend of mine

I brought her around, let her get close with my family
Now they think that she’s so nice
“Oh that girl she’s just so funny”
But oh no, they just don’t see
That beneath that veil of crazy
There’s a whole lot more psycho underneath

And there is just one person in this whole wide world
Who just cannot be my friend
I thought she knew not to get close
But oh, little did I know
She was reciting my hopes and fears
And she was spewing lies for many years

Psycho girl, run if she’s coming your way
Psycho girl, don’t confide or you will pay
Psycho girl, without her you’ll be just fine
Oh you pathetic, selfish girl
Fuck you, you ain’t no friend of mine

Now she’s near the one I love almost every day
Defiling the atmosphere with toxic energy
Reeking of Marlboros and low self-esteem
Guess I’ll have to bide my time some more
In hopes that he can see
The treachery she has bestowed upon me

Devoid of real emotion and empathy
Oh you crazy, cold-hearted bitch
You’re just too blind and dumb to see
That I was your only friend
I would have stuck by till the end
But you had to go and betray me

Psycho girl, what did your father do to you
Psycho girl, that made you so jaded and cruel?
Psycho girl, don’t you dare ever drop a line
You sociopathic girl
Fuck you, you ain’t no friend of mine


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